Bilberries promote gastrointestinal health

(NaturalNews) Eating bilberries will reduce intestinal inflammation and alleviate the effects of colitis. These are the results of the experiments conducted by a team of scientists led by Professor Gerhard Rogler from University Hospital of Zurich, Switzerland.

Bilberries, or huckleberries, are tiny fruits related to American blueberries and cranberries, but native to Northern Europe. They are known to have positive effects on treating acute and chronic diarrhea. Bilberries have also been reported to help patients suffering from Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD). With the current study, scientists wanted to find further data to confirm these reported benefits.

“Ingestion of dried bilberries had positive effects on various parameters, especially in acute DSS-colitis,” announced the group of researchers.

Tests show the power of bilberries in stopping gut inflammation

A group of laboratory mice were given a specific chemical substance mixed with water in order to induce colon inflammation and eventually colitis. The compound, dextrane sodium sulphate (DSS), is known to cause the affliction after repeated administration. It also produces inflammation of the gut similar to that found in patients suffering from IBD. The test subjects were later divided into three groups, each of them having been given different supplements alongside their usual meals. The first group was given meals containing 20% dried bilberries. The second and third groups were fed meals containing 10% and 1% anthocyanins obtained from bilberries. Anthocyanins are a group of flavonoids found in plant tissue that are responsible for the red, blue or purple pigmentation of fruits and flowers. This water soluble substance can be found in high concentrations in bilberries and has been associated with various beneficial effects on human health.

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Articles of Health: How Too Much Cheese and Meat Can Make Your Body Dangerously Acidic/Sick

How too much cheese and meat can make your body dangerously acidic

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Eating meat of any kind is harmful to the blood and tissues and leads to sickness and dis-ease.

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Genetically Engineered Food Alters Our Digestive Systems!

GE organisms actually become part of the bacteria in our digestive tracts and reproduce continuously inside us. But the USDA now wants to to remove all controls from GE corn and cotton! A new Action Alert.

There are no human clinical trials of genetically engineered foods. The only published human feeding experiment revealed that genetic material inserted into GE soy transfers into the DNA of bacteria living inside our intestines and continues to function. Even after we stop eating GE foods, we may still have the GE proteins produced continuously inside us.

As the Institute for Responsible Technology has noted, the genetic engineering process creates massive collateral damage, causing mutations in hundreds or thousands of locations throughout the plant’s DNA. Natural genes can be deleted or permanently turned on or off, and hundreds may change their behavior. Even the inserted gene can be damaged or rearranged, and may create proteins that can trigger allergies or promote disease.

The idea of having genetically engineered genes permanently living inside our guts has staggering implications:

If the antibiotic gene inserted into most GM crops were to transfer, it could create antibiotic-resistant diseases.

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Aloe vera helps reverse cancer and AIDS

(NaturalNews) One of the best kept secrets in the nutritional field is aloe vera. Commonly recognized for soothing ulcers, hemorrhoids, sunburns, wounds and other skin ailments, many don’t know the power pure raw aloe vera juice has for improving and even reversing serious diseases that baffle mainstream medicine.

That’s because those claims are suppressed.

If a supplement or nutritional product promotes any kind of cure, the FDA and other agencies send their bootjack militia to raid them. A frightening example occurred in Tampa, Florida a couple of decades ago as research physician Ivan Danhoff MD was attempting to crash the medical mafia’s cancer party.

That’s when his nutritional clinic was using aloe extracts and curing terminal cancer patients from hospice. Health agency thugs raided, pulling IVs out of patients whose condition had improved dramatically. Many died months later. The clinical trial was going by FDA guidelines to get the aloe extract approved (

Improving on nature is probably unnecessary with aloe vera

The desire to modify or isolate ingredients from aloe vera to create an accepted medical model that is efficacious without side effects is commendable. But it appears Big Pharma and the cancer industry’s good fellas want to protect their turf. Allowing an actual cure would even put the cancer cure fund raisers out of business.

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Articles of Health: Magnesium the Light of Life

The capture of light energy from the sun is magnesium dependent. Magnesium is bound as the central atom of the porphyrin ring of the green plant pigment chlorophyll. Magnesium is the element that causes plants to be able to convert light into energy and chlorophyll is identical to hemoglobin except the magnesium atom at the center has been taken out and iron put in. The whole basis of life and the food chain is seen in the sunlight-chlorophyll-magnesium chain. Since animals and humans obtain their food supply by eating plants magnesium can be said to be the source of life for it is at the heart of chlorophyll and the process of photosynthesis.A huge step forward for early life was the development of chlorophyll, a molecule that captures light energy from the sun in a process called photosynthesis. Chlorophyll systems convert energy from visible light into small energy-rich molecules easy for cells to use. The harnessing of the energy of visible light led to a vast expansion of early life-forms. Fossilized layers, three and half billion years old, have been found with evidence of blue-green algae that lived on top of tidal rocks.imageChlorophyll a minus the alkyl side chain for clarity with itsmagnesium core. Chlorophyll is recognized as one of nature’s richessources of important nutrients where its rich green pigment is vital for thebody’s rapid assimilation of amino acids and for the synthesis of enzymes.Magnesium is needed by plants to form chlorophyll which is the substance that makes plants green. Without magnesium sitting inside the heart of chlorophyll, plants would not be able to take nutrition from the sun because the process of photosynthesis would not go on. When magnesium is deficient things begin to die. In reality one cannot take a breath, move a muscle, or think a thought without enough magnesium in our cells. Because magnesium is contained in chlorophyll it is considered an essential plant mineral salt.Without chlorophyll, plants are unableto convert sunlight and carbon dioxide.There is no life without magnesium.

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The 8 Most Nutrient Dense Foods on Earth

We all know which foods we do best to avoid (right?). Despite the alluring appeal of Oreos, Mountain Dew or McAnything, processed foods provide little nutrition and a whole lot of risks. But when it comes to the good stuff—what are the best foods to put into our bodies? While experts all agree we need a variety of foods for a healthy diet, do you know which are the healthiest of the bunch? The answers may surprise and delight you.

1. Spirulina: While the thought of eating lake algae might gross you out, spirulina is actually pretty tasty, especially blended into a smoothie or hidden in a chocolate bar. It has more antioxidants than any other food on earth and is loaded with protein and minerals making it the most nutrient dense food.

2. Kale: According to Dr. Joel Fuhrman, kale is the most nutritious food, loaded with minerals, vitamins, fiber and amino acids, as well as important antioxidants that reduce inflammation and can prevent cancer. It’s also delicious and an easy to prepare, versatile food.

3. Hemp Seeds: What do you get when you combine protein, fiber, essential fatty acids, antioxidants, amino acids, vitamins and minerals? Hemp, of course. This easily digestible seed is versatile, easy to use and extremely tasty, too.

4. Chocolate: Yes, you read right. Cacao beans are so nutrient-dense that scientists haven’t even begun to identify all the benefits in the little bean yet. Don’t grab a Snickers though—the good stuff is found only in raw cacao beans or nibs (or really, really dark chocolate). Minerals, vitamins and tons of antioxidants are great for your heart, skin, and release chemicals in the brain that make you feel like you’re in love.

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Dr. David Brownstein – Holistic Family Medicine: Time to Detoxify

Researchers have found that adults over the age of 40 who have higher levels of bisphenol A (BPA) in their urine tend to be obese, have more abdominal fat, and are insulin resistant. Studies have shown these metabolic disorders can lead to serious health problems such as high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, and stroke.(1) (2)

BPA is classified as an endocrine disrupter. Its chemical structure is similar to thyroid and estrogen molecules. This similarity can result in BPA binding to estrogen and/or thyroid hormone receptors. The result of a foreign substance binding to our hormone receptors is that the receptor can be either stimulated or inhibited. Either way, these endocrine disrupting substances wreak havoc with our hormonal system.

BPA is used in the manufacturing of plastics, in epoxy resin linings of food cans and in thermal receipt paper. Furthermore, it has been found in baby bottles and used as part of dental sealant. It can contaminate food and enters the body easily through skin or by ingestion.

Research has shown that BPA in rats can inhibit activation of thyroid hormone. In humans, this problem is known as T3 resistance syndrome. T3 resistance syndrome can lead to all of the signs of hypothyroidism such as weight gain, fatigue, diabetes, heart disease, and stroke.

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