Salt, How Much Should You Eat?

Salt, How Much Should You Eat?

Food Tradition | January 31, 2012

salt shaker

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Last week, the Weston A. Price Foundation issued a press release, FDA Warned on Dangers of Salt Restriction. Someone who read the press release sent me this question. Note: as a consumer, I have trouble digesting information in grams, so I have converted grams to teaspoons in parentheses!

Question Regarding Salt Intake

Q: I was wondering if Sally Fallon has researched the average intake of sodium in America? It seems to me that with all the processed food that many people consume now a days, there may indeed be an over consumption of salt. Is there any validity to this? Surely too much sodium in the diet is troublesome to human health. I certainly do not promote the intake of artificial salt however!

Angelle, from Canada

Answer from Sally Fallon Morell, President, Weston A. Price Foundation

We will be having an article in the upcoming Wise Traditions journal on salt that addresses this subject. The article will be by Dr. Morton Satin, based on his presentation at our 2011 International Wise Traditions conference. If I remember correctly, the current daily consumption is about 9 grams (almost 2 teaspoons) on average. This is just slightly higher that the absolute minimum that we need. By looking at the food records from the armed services in the past, they have been able to determine that before refrigeration, consumption of salt averaged 18 grams (roughly 3- 3/4 teaspoons) per day–about double what we are eating now, even with all the processed food, and with no obvious adverse effects. I would say that adequate intake of salt, by everyone, is one of the good things about the modern diet. Best, Sally

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