The real Abraham Cherrix question: Does the State own your body? (opinion)

Both the conventional cancer industry and the mainstream media have so far managed to frame the Abraham Cherrix debate as one concerned with conventional medicine versus alternative medicine. But this framing of the debate is, itself, a deception. The real question is not whether alternative cancer therapies work, but whether the state owns your body and can therefore order you to submit to extremely toxic medical treatments or medical experiments against your will.

Pushers of conventional cancer treatments believe the state does own your body, especially if you’re under 18 years old, and as a result, the state believe it can use any means necessary — including the threat of violence — to force you to submit to whatever chemicals the local oncologist has been convinced are “good for you.” I call it, “Gunpoint Medicine,” and it actually does involve guns, handcuffs, and jail time for those who resist, as we have already seen in multiple cases across the United States.

This distorted belief that the state owns your body, however, runs counter to everything we hold true as free citizens in modern society. We almost universally accept the belief that individual citizens have the right to eat themselves into a state of obesity-induced death, for example, or to smoke their way to lung cancer. We don’t outlaw drinking yourself to death with Vodka or eating your way to heart disease by consuming fried foods at every meal. Why is this? Because we recognize that people have the right to choose how they wish to treat their bodies, even if they make decisions the rest of us disagree with.

The exception to this rule is, of course, those people who cannot make their own informed decisions such as infants and the elderly. But Cherrix, a young man who is old enough to operate a motor vehicle on public roadways, is no infant. He has survived one round of chemotherapy already, and his rational, informed reasoning tells him he may not survive another. He has accurately calculated that more chemotherapy might kill him, and thus he is doing what you, me and all our ancestors have done since the dawn of humanity: Fought to preserve our lives and distance ourselves from threats to our personal safety.

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