Acid Blood Kills, Alkaline Blood Lives – Simple Solutions with Baking Soda

This article originates from an email inquiry I received concerning the John Kanzius invention. He built an apparatus that sends radio waves into humans with the claim that it may kill cancer cells — sounds promising.

In the email inquiry, I was asked to comment on the CBS 60 Minutes news story about John Kanzius that ran April 13, 2008.

My Response: My best guess is negative ions (or, maybe a relationship). One form of negative ions is the unseen particles of electricity that come in with thunderstorms and momentarily make us feel like “hippies on drugs” (not that I know anything about that). A simple Internet search on negative ions revealed the information (ions, not hippies). Research shows that negative ions put the body in a temporary alkaline pH state. Most humans are in an acid pH state … cancer wards are full of ’em.

Theoretically (in my humble opinion, of course), negative ions have a common bond to the positive feelings we get from meditation. Regular/consistent meditation is associated with relaxed states-of-mind — a stress antagonist. Stress is a major contributor to acid pH in our blood/bodies.

As we buffer our acid-state in consistent manners (meditation, smart eats, baking soda, etc.), a healthier alkaline condition becomes the norm. In addition, nutritional supplements are assimilated more effectively/efficiently in an alkaline body.

Bacteria and Virus Refuse to Live in Alkalinity

This baking soda article and this article are a couple of the best I’ve found on the pH factor in relationship to many disease-states. Harmful bacteria, virus, herpes (cold sores, etc.) and cancer, thrive in acidity.

Stress, bad eating habits, pesticides, alcohol, pollution, etcetera, turn our bodies into “acid smorgasbords” — the perfect environment for destroying our bodies in a slow/painful manner. In addition, heartburn, diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, and more are well-known maladies related to acid blood levels. The bottom line … bacteria and virus will vacate your premises to find a more suitable acid-home as long as you keep your body in a state of alkalinity. By maintaining your drinking/baking soda water at 7.2 to 7.5 pH, you are greatly enhancing your body’s ability to prevent any of the above.

Of all Things … Baking Soda?

Studies in respected medical journals worldwide consistently support the use of a simple dirt-cheap product for reversing acidity — baking soda. Since there’s no money in baking soda for drug companies, its excluded from medical school curriculum and/or associated health training/education.

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