Reverse Brain Cell Death by Growing New Mitochondria

By Michelle Flagg

Reverse Brain Cell Death by Growing New Mitochondria

Go to Google and enter “mitochondria” and “neurodegeneration.” You’ll find hundreds of published studies linking the two.

The decay of mitochondria in brain cells is a primary cause of all neurodegenerative disorders, from Parkinson’s to dementia.1,2

This deadly process begins when free radicals inflict damage to nerve cells. But increased antioxidant intake by itself is not enough to halt this degenerative cascade. As one team of scientists stated in a study published in July 2011:

“Once the mitochondria are destabilized, cells are destined to commit suicide. Therefore, antioxidative agents alone are not sufficient to protect neuronal loss in many neurodegenerative diseases.”1

The encouraging news is that a novel strategy exists to replenish aging cells by triggering them to grow new mitochondria. The result is that many disorders related to brain aging may be halted and reversed.

In this article, you will discover how a compound called pyrrolo-quinoline quinone or PQQ triggers aging cells to grow new mitochondria.3 This process, called mitochondrial biogenesis, can prevent age-related cell death that accelerates brain degeneration.

You will also find evidence of PQQ’s power to stimulate nerve growth factor, combat stroke, Alzheimer’s, and Parkinson’s, and speed regeneration of damaged nerve cells.4-9

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