Krill Oil Optimizes Multimodal Arthritis Control

By Jason Ramirez

Krill Oil Optimizes Multimodal Arthritis Control

If you or someone you know suffers arthritic pain and swelling, you’re aware that conventional medicine has largely failed to offer long-term relief.

The reason for this failure is simple.

To date, the preferred interventions—drugs, exercise, heat cold therapy, joint protection, and physiotherapy treatment—do not effectively and safely target the pro-inflammatory factors behind arthritis.

Chief among these factors are destructive molecules synthesized by the aging body that attack joint tissue. This activity must be suppressed in order to eliminate arthritis symptoms.

Emerging data suggest that fatty acids from small shrimp-like organisms called krill act in synergy with other natural anti-inflammatory compounds such as omega-3 fish oils.

New data indicate krill may help treat arthritic joint tissue by neutralizing pro-inflammatory activity.

In a group of aging individuals inflicted with arthritic pain, 300 mg per day of krill oil alone slashed pro-inflammatory C-reactive protein activity in half after just one month.1

In a separate study of krill oil combined with hyaluronic acid and astaxanthin—both of which target pro-inflammatory agents in the body—arthritis patients reported a 55% pain reduction in under three months, with 63% entirely pain-free!2

Krill are among the most populous animal species on the planet.3 Tiny, shrimp-like crustaceans, krill flourish in the frigid waters of the Antarctic Ocean.3,4 Because the temperature in that salty environment hovers near the freezing point of fresh water, krill evolved a way to keep their cell membranes fluid.

Unlike long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acids from other animal sources, a high proportion of krill oil fats are found in a form known as phospholipids, which may help explain their unique function in the joints.4

Rapid Relief from Joint Pain

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