Everyday Foods Cause Cancer

Some of the foods you eat every day — even the water you drink — promote the beginning and growth of cancer. We’ll examine beef, sugar, and water to see how they can increase your risk of developing cancer. (For detailed information on fighting cancer, read my special report “Prevent Cancer Before It’s Too Late.”)

There are several problems associated with beef. First, cattle have a very high incidence of two virally generated cancers — lymphosarcoma and leukemia. It has been shown that the virus that causes them can be passed to humans and may cause similar cancers. Those who work in slaughterhouses are at higher risk for these cancers, while children who drink cow’s milk are more prone to leukemia. Eating poorly cooked beef (rare or medium rare) can put someone at risk of consuming live cancer viruses.

Second, hot dogs, bologna, and other processed meats contain cancer-causing nitrites. A number of studies have shown an association between pregnant women who eat nitrites in meats and an increased risk of their children developing brain tumors.

Third, it is also important to avoid overcooked or seared meats, as they develop powerful cancer-causing compounds called heterocyclic amines, which are strongly associated with colon and stomach cancer.

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