Food Matters the Full Lenght Movie – Free

“Let thy food be thy medicine, and thy medicine be thy food.”

That famous quote by Hippocrates, who is often referred to as “the father of medicine,” is somewhere around 2,500 years old, and for a long time this sentiment was treated as fact. Today, many scoff at this notion, thinking nutrition and medicine have very little in common; using food to quench hunger and little else, while turning to pharmaceutical drugs to treat illness.

Turning our backs on the fundamental truth that “food is medicine” is no doubt at the very heart of our current disease epidemics.

Another quote by Hippocrates, which is part of the Hippocratic Oath still recited by modern doctors today, is “First, do no harm.” Unfortunately, the preoccupation with the idea that there must be “a pill for every ill” now greatly compromises this oath, because the practice of medicine is primarily focused on drugs that oftentimes do FAR more harm than good… Meanwhile, modern doctors receive virtually no training in nutrition.

Food Matters, produced by James Colquhoun, Laurentine ten Bosch, and Enzo Tedeschi is an 80-minute long fast-paced re-education for the layman on the basics of good health, which incidentally is the only way to prevent disease from occurring in the first place. The film presents powerful evidence in support of ancient wisdom that regards food as medicine, and offers practical solutions to the current health crisis.

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